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Bored of Android\'s User Interface? Do you want a new style start screen? If you do, then wait no more!Now get the experiance and user interface of Windows 8 and metro style apps.If you are using samsung or htc phones and bored of Android User Experience then this is for you.The best UI for lumia phones is now available for your android phone too. This is complete similar to Windows 8 phones interface. The tile interface looks nice and beautiful.You can see this UI on Lumia phones and nokia devices. And now its available on android too...Launcher8 is a great app for you to experience the brand new style UI on your Android mobile phone.You can esay design look like Windows Phone 8 layout (fake wp8)and show off to your friends!So grab it and share it with your friends too.Note: This app is not a product of microsoft Windows 8 and not an affiliate product Windows 8..

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Publisher: FunApp

Release Date: 2013-06-07

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